The concept of 'EMERGENCE' mirrors the construction of this building, comprising count- less components, each operating according to its unique characteristics which creates a system when added together. My obsession lies in both the garment and the system. By deconstructing clothing and examin- ing objects from various perspectives through different arrangements, I uncover emergent phenomena and meanings. Inspired by the work of Stella Zhang and Mahdavi, we treated garments as layers, incorporating interval shirting or slip dresses between two-layer mesh, or using different materials. We deconstructed and reconstructed pants, jeans, and denim, emphasizing fundamental components. And we accentuated details like collars and garment edges — elements often overlooked. The color palette and fabric serve as grey matter additions, mirroring reality, emotions, and the nature surrounding us. Similarly, in Talita Otović's music, existing structures are reconsidered, deliberately disrupted, or injected with "noise" to prompt a reconsideration of overlooked aspects we take for granted.